Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anniversary of RFK's death in 1968

It is hard to believe we are passing another anniversary. 43 years ago RFK was shot down while running for president. Robert F. Kennedy has now been dead longer than he was alive.

His presence is still sorely needed. I can imagine how he would feel about the current state of world politics.

I still believe in the words and deeds of RFK. He was what the US needed in 1968 and he was taken away too soon. The world would not be the way it is today had he lived. That is not to say it would be perfect, I sincerely doubt that. However, I don't believe the US would have lost its way had he been the chief of state.

So, I'll mark this anniversary the way I always do. I'll read some of his speeches and remember what a remarkable man he was.

RFK: A Memoir Robert F. Kennedy: In His Own Words


Anonymous said...

I struggle greatly on this day every year. It is very difficult for me to accept that there are "things that never were" because of what happened that night at the Ambassador Hotel. Many years we go to Arlington and leave flowers and a card at RFK's gravesite on this day. Unfortunately we were unable to do so this year. However Bobby will be remembered in our prayers tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering. He is still, and will always be, in my heart. I send heartfelt greetings to everyone who feels the same way.