Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Hate to Say This But...

If RFK were alive today he'd be kicking Barack Obama's butt. Obama compromises his principles too much and way too often. RFK would have been a much tougher president.

I still admire Obama for many things, but I just wish he would handle his presidency better than he is handling it. He has to stop trying to compromise with people who have no intention of compromising. I like a lot of what he has done so far but he could do so much more.

I bet he is wishing about right now that he had stayed writing his excellent books, and working with communities directly. Often, the best thing someone can do to help the world is to stay out of national politics.

Look at RFK Jr., he is a well-respected environment attorney who can make things happen. He is often prodded about entering national politics, but in my opinion he is doing so much more than he could if he were in political office. I think it could have been the same with Barack Obama.